example treatment forms

If you are looking for example forms that you can use, or modify for your clients then please feel free to download these.

We use them for our models, and supply them to our students following their training.

Just Click on the button under the documents to open in either a PDF or Word document, you will then be able to change 'Eternal Beauty' for the name of your business

example client consent form

The form required prior to starting any treatment that obtains permission from the client and ensures that they understand some of the risks involved in having the procedure carried out

example client record form

A form which allows you to record all the information about your client including their personal details as well as the shapes of brows etc and the colours used.

example client medical history form

A Form which allows you to identify and record any conditions that your client may have that may mean they are not suitable for the procedure or that may cause contra-indications

example client aftercare instructions

Instructions describing how your client should look after their treatment area following the procedure

example patch test confirmation form

We use these forms for the model or client to sign prior to the procedure to confirm that they have carried out the patch test as per the instructions and did not have any adverse reactions.

example client satisfaction form

We ask our models to sign this form following the procedure to state that they are happy with the procedure and that the finished result is what they agreed to during the consultation