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All makeup artists should use Practice Skin!  This innovative tool can help you improve your drawing, shaping and design skills.
The realistic construction of our Practice Skin allows you to continually develop your technique outside of appointments with clients.  Its lifelike texture enables you to work at appropriate degrees of penetration for real-life procedures!  Additionally, you can review challenging maneuvers around eye, brow and lip contours on the three-dimensional facial features provided.  Take this wonderful opportunity to learn to draw symmetrical liners and correct misapplied makeup with confidence.  You will significantly enhance your abilities before greeting your next customer!
You can also use  Practice Skin to customize pigment shades.  
Test blends of pigment on artificial skin until ready for actual consultations!  
Add samples of successful blends to each client's file in preparation for touch-ups!  With this versatile material, you can always exercise your talents in Color Theory and Skin Tone Analysis.
Perfect your skills before you even begin.  Our Practice Skin is an essential accessory for the serious permanent makeup technician focused on building a good reputation.

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