Online lip PMU course (cpd accredited)

The world of Lip Micropigmentation is big, and is getting bigger. Eternal Beauty's Lip courses are designed both for beginners and advanced meaning that the course you take will be tailored to your skill level.

All our Lip courses cover all the required topics to gain insurance with either ABT or Insurance World;  alternatively it is available for online study

what is lip PMU?

Lip Micropigmentation is a procedure whereby minute particles of specially formulated pigment is implanted just under the surface of the skin; the procedure is carried out using specially designed hand tools and needles. 

why lip PMU?

Lip Micropigmentation can save time applying lip liner and blush. It can be used to highlight certain parts of the lips; making them appear fuller

why eternal beauty?

Our Lip PMU courses offer flexible training to fit around you. 

Our Online Lip PMU course is run online with unlimited support so you can work at your own pace, but with support from us when you need it

online lip PMU course details

What sets our courses apart from the rest?

work at your own pace

unlimited support via email or whatsapp

comprehensive training material

pdf manual available for download

demonstration videos

activities & exercises to complete

flexible finance available via paypal or klarna

comprehensive kit available to purchase

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What will i learn?

Introduction to the skin, Anatomy & Physiology

Learn what layers make up the skin and how different skin types can have an effect on how you carry oput the procedure and the final results that you can achieve

Lip Micropigmentation Health & Safety

Learn how to carry out business safely, learn how to reduce the risks to both you and your clients. Learn how to deal with clinical waste while carrying out Lip procedures

Lip Micropigmentation Contra Indications 

Not everyone is suitable for Lip Micropigmentation, we teach you who they are and explain why they may not be suitable

Lip Micropigmentation Consultation Procedures

As well as teaching you everything you need to know to carry out a great Lip Micropigmentation procedure, we will teach you how to consult with your client to ensure tat what you give them is what they want.

Lip Micropigmentation Colour Theory & Selection

There is as much importance on choosing the right colour when carrying out Lip Micropigmentation as there is with the final Lip Micropigmentation results. We will show you how to choose the perfect colour, including the warm and cool skin types, as well as the Fitzpatrick scale to help ensure that you get perfect colour on your Lip Micropigmentation procedures every time.

Shaping & Positioning for Lip Micropigmentation Procedures

Once you have the perfect colour for your Lip Micropigmentation procedure, we will teach you how to shape and position, ready for Lip Micropigmentation, what shape best suits your client depending on face shape and what would look best.

How to create the best Lip Micropigmentation procedure

Once we have taught you all the theory of Lip Micropigmentation, we will pull it altogether and show you how a Lip Micropigmentation procedure is carried out from start to finish. You will have plenty of time to practice on worksheets, practice skin and other mediums before culminating your Lip Micropigmentation training in work on a live model.

Colour Correction for Lip Micropigmentation procedures

Don't panic, if the colour you choose changes colour, or you have a client that comes in with faded lips different from the original, we will show you how to carry out colour correction

why choose eternal beauty for your powder brow training?

award winning company

We were the FSB Micro Business of the Year for South West Region for 2019 and we are a finalist in the 2023 UK HBA Awards in the 'Education Excellence' category

all licenced training staff

All our staff are fully trained, insured and licenced by the local authority

outstanding customer service

We look after you throughout the whole experience, from your initial enquiry to your training course as well as amazing aftercare.

ready to get started?

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We can tell you how great our courses are and how they represent such excellent value for money, but we know that everyone says that, so we ask all our students to write a testimonial for us, and those who are kind enough to do so get put here. We do not edit them in any way, just copy and paste so you can see what our students really think

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