dermal anchor Course

Our course, like all our others is delivered 1-1, meaning that there is no large classes and plenty of time spent with the instructor, without any distractions.

It is suitable for both beginners as well as existing piercers

It is delivered over 1 day and includes live models - so you will have plenty of practice.

It will give you a solid foundation to build a career as a Dermal Anchor Technician. This course will teach you a lot of theory, but your learning journey will not stop on completion; if you think it will then this is not the course for you.

Needless to say that given the procedures that we will be training in, it is not for the faint of heart. If however you have a passion and desire to learn along with dedication then please get in touch to book with us.

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an equal measure of theory & practical

You will learn the theory of Dermal Anchors and skin divers as well as looking at practical with silicone and then we will have some models for you to work on to complete your training.

We provide a detailed manual, powerpoint presentation & discussions.

yes, it is a working studio

All our training takes place in our fully licenced and insured piercing studio, and you will be covered by our teaching insurance as long as we directly supervise you - this means that for your practical assessments it will be just like you are working on real clients instead of silicone only. Our studio is self contained and private, which means that it offered privacy for the client regardless of what piercing they want.

why eternal beauty?

Our instructor has been piercing since 2015 and has plenty of experience. As a company we have been offering training courses for 8 years and are set up to deliver the best training possible. We deliver all our courses 1-1, and we always have done. We believe that it allows there to be much more intense learning in a shorter space of time and without any distractions.. the downside to this is that you have to be commited and cannot fall asleep at the back of the class :-)

Body Piercing course details

What sets our courses apart from the rest?

*Subject to satisfactory assessments

1-1 training

comprehensive Manual included

flexible finance available (through 3rd party providers)

comprehensive starter kit available to purchase

work on live models


pictures taken on the course to start your portfolio

unlimited aftercare


enquire about our dermal anchor course


Our piercing courses are fully accredited by The CPD Group, meaning that they have examined and vetted our course material to ensure that it covers the required subject matter and that you are receiving knowledge which is up to date.

All our courses come with CPD Hours and are fully insurable

What will i learn?

The history of Dermal Anchors

While we know that a history lesson is not everyones cup of tea we believe that in order to do something well, it helps to understand where it came from

Licencing and other relevant legislation

Again, it may not excite you, but legislation is there whether you like it or not and we believe that even if it is not something you consider reading before bedtime, you should still be aware of it if it affects your business.

Health Risks & How to prevent them

Any industry that comes into contact with any form of bodily fluids should be aware of the health risks that walk hand in hand. This is especially important in the piercing industry since there is a risk (however small) of needle stick injuries and cross contamination.

Creating a safe, sterile and hygienic studio

Other than being a licencing requirement, this topic is essential for good working practice. We will cover whats required to get your studio piercing ready as well as covering everything you need to protect your clients. We will also discuss safe disposal of sharps and clinical waste.

Understanding the skin

We do afterall place needles and jewellery through the skin so it makes sense that there should be an understanding of whats below the surface and what effect we have on the skin by piercing it.

The body parts & their piercings

We will discuss the various body parts from head to toe that can be pierced and the various piercings that generally go with them

The tools used during the procedures

We will cover all of the tools  and other things required to carry out a Dermal Anchor piercing as well as the standard jewellery that is used throughout the most common piercings

why choose eternal beauty for your dermal anchor training?

award winning company

We were the FSB Micro Business of the Year for South West Region for 2019 and we a finalist in the 2023 UK HBA Awards in the 'Education Excellence' category

fully equipped studios

We have 2 fully equipped training studios which are fully kitted out and ready to go. They are fully licenced by our local authority and fully insured for teaching our Body Piercing courses

all licenced training staff

All our staff are fully trained, insured and licenced by the local authority

outstanding customer service

We look after you throughout the whole experience, from your initial enquiry to your training course as well as amazing aftercare.

any more questions, or ready to enrol?

This course is suitable for people with no piercing experience as well as those who are already qualified. It is designed to cover all the required knowledge to allow you to carry out piercings as soon as you leave us*.

The cost of this course is £250 inc. VAT

(*subject to you having a licence and the proper insurance cover)

where we are based

We are based in Taunton, Somerset; just a 10 minute drive from junction 25 of the M5

see what our previous students have said

We understand that choosing a training provider can be hard. We understand that there are so many companies out there all offering what seems to be the same thing and we also realise that you want to make sure that you choose the right training provider before you hand over your hard earned cash.

We can tell you how great our courses are and how they represent such excellent value for money, but we know that everyone says that, so we ask all our students to write a testimonial for us, and those who are kind enough to do so get put here. We do not edit them in any way, just copy and paste so you can see what our students really think

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