Training Courses

Micro-pigmentation, or Semi-Permanent Makeup as it is more commonly known is a procedure whereby minute particles of specially formulated pigment is implanted just under the surface of the skin; the procedure is carried out using specially designed machines and needles.

The Eternal Beauty Diploma Course is accredited by Professional Beauty Direct and aims to give you all the skills and equipment you will need to start your new career as an SPMU Technician. We are here to support you throughout your career with both help and advice when you need it as well as being able to supply all your equipment and supply needs at very competitive prices.

If you are not looking for a full course, or are already a qualified technician looking to advance your skillset then we offer several alternative courses accredited by Professional Beauty Direct. All our prices include VAT and because we are registered with the FCA as a Consumer Credit Company we are also able to offer interest free credit for 12 months (subject to a credit check and approval) meaning you do not have to pay for the course in full before you start earning

Our aim is for 100% Client satisfaction both for us and for you once you complete the course. But don't just take our word for it; visit our Testimonials Page to see what some of our students have to say

Learn all that’s needed to start a career in the profitable industry of permanent makeup. With hands-on practice on live models and practice skin, you'll learn guidelines for safety and sanitization, effective anesthetic techniques, intricacies of eyebrow shaping and coloring, finer points of eyeliner application, utilization of color to solve lip shape problems, color theory and pigment usage, color mixing, camouflaging and skin tone interpretation, mistake correction. Master the art of camouflage, full-lip coloration, eyebrow hair strokes, and more. Permanent Makeup Machine Kit included with tuition. Certificate awarded upon completion of the course and passing the final exam.

Programs are updated to keep pace with the latest technique and procedures, ensuring our students the best education possible. Eternal Beauty Instructors are rigorously trained in all phases of Permanent Makeup technology. This is to guarantee confidence and satisfaction that you are learning from the best

Please note that a deposit is payable to secure your training date and our cancellation policy is available on our booking form Terms & Conditions. Please Contact Us if you have any questions

We do not have fixed course dates and are able to be flexible about the courses that we deliver. If we have an instructor available then we are happy to organise a course. We are also able to come to your salon or studio (for an additional cost and subject to certain criteria being met)

All our courses are also run on a 1-1 basis with our instructor, no exceptions. This means that you are not having to share your learning experience with a large group and you will have the undivided attention of the instructor from start to finish. We believe that this is how learning should be and means that we are able to cover a lot more in a shorter time.

Our courses are listed below, they all include a starter kit and also include VAT at the current rate so there is no nasty surprises when you come to booking.

The length of the course below refers to the time spent with us in our training studio's (or us in yours) but we also ask all students to complete a comprehensive home study section of the course prior to arriving with us to prepare for the practical training and assessments.

Our beginners home study takes approximately 30 hours and requires work to be submitted prior to training with us.

Courses Suitable for Beginners

2 Day Brow Course 

This is our most popular course and is suitable for people without any experience in SPMU. 

It covers Blush Effect Brows & Feather Touch Natural Hair Strokes (Microblading).

The price includes a Feathertouch kit, Silvera Machine Kit, Needles, Pigments, as well as all other sundry items to complete the training. 

3 Day SPMU Technician Course 

This is a course for people without any experience in SPMU. 

It covers brows, as above but also includes the addition of eyeliner (at a discount over learning the eyeliner as a 1 day add on course)

It also includes a startup kit and ongoing support as well as discount on products purchased

4 Day SPMU Technician Course 

This is also a course for people without any experience in SPMU. 

It covers everything from the 3 day Technician course but also adds lip techniques 

It also includes a startup kit and ongoing support as well as discount on products purchased

Advanced Courses for qualified technicians

1 Day Feathertouch (Microblading) Course

This is an add on course for qualified technicians and covers Feathertouch (Microblading) only. 

The cost of the course includes the Feathertouch kit and a small selection of brow pigments

1 Day Eyeliner Course

This is also an add on course for qualified technicians and covers the application of semi permanent eyeliner.

1 Day Lip Techniques

This is an add on course and it covers Lip Liner & Lip Blush Techniques

1 Day Blush Brow Course

This is an add on course for qualified Microbladers and covers blush brows only.

The cost of the course includes the Silvera Machine Kit and a small selection of brow pigments

Assessment / Refresher Courses

Do you have a foreign qualification that is not recognised by British insurers, or have you been taught previously but not received a certificate? Or are you trained but not confident in the teaching you received?

We run assessment courses where we can assess your skills and fill in any gaps in knowledge before issuing one of our certificates.

We also provide all students a 20% discount for 1 month following their course for any extra kit you may require. We also pride ourselves on our ongoing support once you are out working and earning.

Course Prices

Our prices are below, if you wish to take more than one advanced course then it would be treated as a 2 or 3 day course.

All our prices include VAT at the applicable rate as well as your starter kit. If you would like a cost for us to travel to your salon or studio to train, please click HERE for our travelling rates (in addition to the training costs)

1 Day Course: £1,000

2 Day Course: £1,900

3 Day Course: £2,700

4 Day Course: £3,400

Please note that we offer finance on our courses (subject to a credit check), please Contact Us for details

Please Contact Us if you are interested in taking a course or just looking for more information