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One of our newest machines, the Mosaic accommodates both ROUND and FLAT needles, and has a powerful rotary motor, providing ultra smooth, noise free operation. The motor section is sealed at the factory so that it can be cold solution sterilized. The Mosaic features an impressive 10,000-rpm, which is great for seasoned technicians that like a smooth and efficient result in a shorter amount of time. An optional foot pedal is also available for hands free speed control.

Size: Approximately 3 1/2 inches. Pre-sterilized Disposable parts from the motor down help to eliminate cross contamination. Sleeve can be autoclaved, or used with disposable parts for time-saving convenience.

The Mosaic and the Merlin are the only rotary machines on the market with a design that rotates up and down. The needle motion delivers an "in and out" procedure, rather than zig-zag.

The Benefits of This Design Are:
* A better, more proper penetration of pigment into the skin
* Up and down motion is more precise
* Less damage or traumas to the skin and better healing of area.
* Higher rpm offers technicians smooth results in less time
* Less touch-ups needed
* Less fading means more professional results

Precision Post Needle Assembly is a convenient all in one combination base and needle piece that will easily attach to the transmission shaft and needle sleeve.

Front Casing Once twisted on over the needle assembly, the pentagon shaped opening on the front casing effectively seals and resists any back flow of water or pigment, and therefore, no chance of cross contamination of fluids.

The needle sleeves not only protect the needle, but are ergonomically shaped to reduce slippage and extended comfort for the hand. The Mosaic comes with a metal sleeve which can be autoclaved (sterilized), OR individually packaged, pre-sterilized disposable, sleeves can be used.
Our specially designed needle caps also accommodate both round and flat needles, and eliminate splatter.

The Airflow Cap

Not enough air causes a 'vacuum' effect and sucks up pigment. Too much air can force pigment down too hard and will splatter, so less pigment gets into the skin. Less pigment in the skin will cause color to fade. The specially designed needle caps also accommodate both round and flat needles. The precision engineered tip holds the needle snuggly and allows the proper amount of pigment flow for each needle configuration, eliminating splatter. Just behind the tip serves as a holding area for pigment. It creates an airflow that allows pigment to flow smoothly, maximizing pigment deposit for the best possible result

The motor section is sealed at the factory so it can be cold solution sterilized. All parts from the motor down are pre-sterilized and disposable to eliminate cross contamination.


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