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What happens if I am a 'no show' for my model appointment?

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May be an image of text that says "WHAT HAPPENS IF DON'T TURN UP FOR MY MODEL APPOINTMENT?"
Please take the time to read if you have registered to be a model with us or are thinking about being a model with us..
When our students book with us they are making a big investment in themselves - training in a new career and models are an important part of their course. In short the students have to work on a model to be able to pass their course.
As a goodwill gesture we give all our models a £20 Love2Shop voucher because we appreciate that you're giving up your time.. and we wanted to give you something extra as well as a completely free procedure that normally would cost you a couple hundred quid.
However.. the biggest bugbear for us is when models don't arrive for their appointments... we don't double book our appointments on the offchance that you won't turn up which means that it's important you do..
However if you're not coming PLEASE LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We can't stress this enough.. we have some people who are able to come in at short notice but we can't call them until we know you're not.. so if we book you in please let us know if you can't make it.. and if you don't turn up and we call you please don't ignore us as the only thing it will achieve is you being removed from our model database.
In the event that we can't get another model then we have to arrange for our student to come back and in some cases they've travelled hours to get to us or have had to spend on hotels etc.. all because you didn't turn up..
Rant over.. please be considerate..
If you are a considerate person and want a FREE Procedure and a Love2Shop Voucher then please visit www.ebuk.xyz to register your details.