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Short Dated Stock - Heavily Discounted

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We have some stock which is close to its expiration date and which we are selling off cheap, as it is a shame to waste it.

The products that we have below are sold with the listed discount, and are sold on a first come, first served basis - you need to call us to order these products, they are not available online as the discount has to be added manually

In addition to these, we also have some pigments that are already out of date and cannot be used on people, but are perfect for practice skin - ask us about them when you call - they're free

Available Discounted Products

Product Qty Available  Expiration Date  Discount off of Normal Retail 
9 Prong Feather Touch Needles 26   Nov 2019 50% 
Mosaic Flat Needle Caps  Jan 2020  50%
Cranberry  Dec 2019  60% 
Mystic Red Dec 2019  60% 
Raisin 13  Jan 2020  50% 
Mocha Dec 2019  60% 
Mocha 3 Feb 2020 50%
Sunset Orange 5 Oct 2019 75%
Blue Lip Corrector 1 Dec 2019 60%
Blue Lip Corrector 5 Jan 2020 50%
True Hazel 6 Jan 2020 40%
Digital 6 Flat Needles 4 Nov 2019 75%
Digital 1 Round Needles 1 Nov 2019 75%