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*Warning* Long Read

This isn’t really a ‘what’s new’ post but more to try and provide some understanding to the way our post works and what happens when your post does not arrive. We have a very clear section on our website that outlines all of the postage services that we use to send your parcels out and you can see it HERE.

All our dispatch emails come with a tracking link on the bottom of the email, but if yours does not work then just give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll track it for you.

Generally, most of the post that we send out gets delivered without incident, however there are times when we get calls or emails about post not arriving when it should, or when it is expected.

It is worth reiterating that the FREE Tracked 48 service that we use is not a guaranteed service, Royal Mail provide estimates of 2-3 days, but unfortunately, this is not always the case and while we can provide you with an estimate of when your parcel will arrive, we aren’t responsible if it doesn’t.

Likewise, when we send out an order on a Tracked 24, although it is a service that we charge for, it is also not guaranteed. It has a service time of 1-2 days, but Royal Mail are not responsible for meeting that timescale (and as such neither can we be).

We do offer 2 guaranteed services by Royal Mail – Special Delivery 1pm or 9am. These are guaranteed for the next working day and in the event that they are not delivered then we are able to refund your postage – but, you have to let us know that it hasn’t arrived as close after 1pm as possible – we do not check the tracking on all the orders we send out to make sure that they have been delivered, and rely on our customers to let us know.

At present our Special Delivery service does not offer consequential loss, this means that we would be able to refund the postage price and would do everything that we could to get you another order as quickly as possible, but if you were not able to complete a procedure on a client because your order did not arrive then we would not be able to compensate you. If you require this level of cover on your order, then please contact us for a postage quote as the CL cover does come at a premium.

We also use UPS for large or bulky next day items and we are happy to provide you with a quote to have your order sent with UPS, although this is not offered as standard through the website.

Our suggestion would be (as it always has been) to make sure that you order in plenty of time.

If your order has not been delivered when you expected it to be then there is a chance that it has been taken back to your local delivery office because it wouldn’t fit through the letterbox (or required a signature if you opted for a service that required one). I know that when the tracking says that ‘We Left A Card’, that they probably didn’t, I don’t know if it is a cost saving measure, but a lot of time a card is not left, so all you have to do is take your tracking number and some ID to your local sorting office to collect your parcel.

This brings us on to our next issue which we have been seeing a little more recently, which is that the tracking number says that the item has been delivered, but the customer says that it has not. I am sure that you can appreciate that this is a difficult one for us because although the Tracked services from Royal Mail do not require a signature, we do offer that option for the additional £1 that Royal Mail charge for it, and Royal Mail’s stance is generally that the parcel is scanned as delivered just before it is put through the letterbox

Royal Mail’s policy at the moment for this type of case is that they have to investigate; once you tell us that you don’t have it we call Royal Mail and they are required to open an investigation – this usually requires the delivery person being interviewed (as it is quite a serious matter for Royal Mail) and they may or may not send you a document to sign to confirm that you have not received it, which they require signing and sending back to them and the whole process can take up to 15 days. Unfortunately, we are unable to send out any replacements during this time (for reasons that I will explain in a bit), but once their investigation has concluded we are able to put in a claim for the ‘lost’ items. At this stage we can send replacements and then we claim back our losses from Royal Mail through their claims process.

However, during our call with Royal Mail they will ask us if you have looked in outhouses, bins, with neighbours, or in the case of businesses, with reception or with any other occupants that you share the building with? Nine times out of ten we find that this usually results in the parcel being found.

Going back to why we can’t send out replacements until the investigation has been completed, the short answer is dishonest people – as in every aspect of life, they ruin it for the majority of completely honest people.

We used to send replacements out as soon as we were made aware of them not being received, or if they had taken longer than normal to be delivered, however we then found that in a small number of cases the original item arrived a few days later or the parcel was found, and then we were out of pocket for the second order – and despite what you may think, there are a few people out there who would rather keep both items and then find a new supplier than call and pay for the second item or send it back to us – I know, we find it hard to believe too.

Last year, we estimate that we lost out on about £500 on people who we helped with goodwill gestures or replacement orders that we couldn’t claim back for. It may not sound like a huge amount, but if that happens year in and year out, it soon adds up, and ultimately everyone else has to pay for it when we are left with no choice but to implement price increases.

Thanks for taking the time to get this far, and thanks for your understanding about the post – we try to provide the best service possible but was with anything putting your trust in a third party service provider and the service that they actually provide is outside of your control


As always, thank you for choosing Eternal Beauty