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Changes to Feather Touch Kit

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So.. we have some changes on the way regarding our Feathertouch kit..

Biotouch have increased the cost of the Feathertouch kit to their distributors.. and unfortunately it's too big an increase for us to able to absorb.. we'll still be stocking the kits but the cost will be increasing to £130 including VAT..

We know it's a huge jump.. but we have a solution..

We will be putting together a Feathertouch / Microblading bundle.. it will have a lot in it and will represent excellent value for money..

The only thing it will be missing is the display box, instead we will package it in a white box.. we hope this won't be an issue (but if it is we will still keep a small stock of the Feathertouch kits)..

Our new bundle will include...

- 1 x Biotouch metal Feathertouch hand tool

- 5 x Biotouch disposable Feathertouch hand tools

- 6 x Biotouch Pure Pigments in brow colours (Toffee, Coffee, Brunette, Medium Ash, Mud Pie, Dark Chocolate)

- 2 x each size Biotouch Feathertouch needle (9, 14, 17U, 18UA, 18US, 18SA)

- 1 x Brow Ruler

- 2 x Practice Skin Sheets

- 1 x Brow Pencil

These changes will take effect from Monday 26th August.. and while we apologise, we do hope you'll be able to see the value in our new bundl