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Small Price Increase

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As it has been since we started back in 2013, our aim has always been to provide the best quality products at the most reasonable price all the while providing the best customer service that we can - we hope you'll agree that we are succeeding on all fronts?

We hate having to raise our prices, and will always try to avoid it where possible but there are times that we reach a point where it is unavoidable - and usually for reasons beyond our control.

Our last price increase was back at the beginning of 2017 and we have absorbed as much of our own price increases as we can but in the interest of transparency we want our customers to know that we are not just increasing prices for the sake of it.

Our main issue is still that we buy all of our stock in US Dollars and the rates that we were seeing pre-Brexit have not recovered and with the uncertainty that seems to be a constant at the moment with negotiations the Dollar is volatile at best.

This, coupled with the fact that Royal Mail have increased their fuel surcharge by 2% and UPS (the courier that we use to import all our stock) has increaded their charges by just over 5% - all of this obviously has an impact on the prices that we are able to sell things for.

As a result from the evening of Saturday 27th January we will be increading our prices by just under 2% (rounded down where possible), in most cases this will only result in an increase of 50p

Our eBay and Amazon prices will also increase by the same amount (and remain 50p more expensive than our website and phone orders to reflect the increased costs of selling on these platforms)

Our full price list with the new prices can be found HERE and the prices on our website, eBay and Amazon will be updated overnight on Saturday 27th January

We do apologise for the increase, we don't like doing it and wish it had been avoidable but would like to thank you again for choosing Eternal Beauty.