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Price Increase January 2017

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Here at Eternal Beauty we always strive to ensure we provide quality products at the best price along with outstanding UK based customer service.
We always try to avoid price increases where possible to ensure we remain highly competitive on price, with  only two price increases since we started trading in 2013 and our last price increase back in April 2015.
Prior to the referendum to leave the EU, we spent time analysing our pricing structure for the Brexit scenario; We focused on how the decision to leave would affect our prices and more importantly our customers. It was clear that there would likely be some pricing issues around exchange rates between currencies as all of our products are imported from the United States and paid for in US Dollars.
Following the vote, we saw an immediate impact on exchange rates. The exchange rate for USD has suffered in particular, which has a direct impact on the cost prices for everything we sell.
We decided to wait and see if the pound stabilised before making any decision on our pricing. Unfortunately, due to the pound remaining weak and with no sign of any change in the foreseeable future existing pricing pressure have been exacerbated and we have concluded that we have no choice but to adjust our pricing to reflect the additional cost and ensure we remain sustainable; we hope however that despite this increase you will continue to choose Eternal Beauty. 

We are not increasing prices on all products, but rather just those listed below. eBay & Amazon pricing will remain at 50p above our phone and website orders to take into account the additional costs of selling on these platforms

We do apologise for the increase, we wish it had been avoidable but would like to thank you again for choosing Eternal Beauty

Price Increase