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FT7 & FT12 Needles being discontinued

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There has already been some changes made recently to the Biotouch Feathertouch Kit with the new kits changing from a hand tool that accomodates the flat style needles to a hand tool that now accomodates needles that screw directly into the new Feathertouch hand tool. Biotouch have also introduces some new needles sizes; they now offer a 9 prong and a 14 prong sloped needles as well as a 17 prong 'U' shaped needle.

They have also introduced disposable hand tools in the same sizes as the replacement needles.

Because of the introduction of these new needles they have decided to discontinue the original FT7 and FT12 needles which means that we are unable to order any more and once our current stock is gone, its gone. Biotouch do however have plans to bring in the new sizes in the 'flat' attachment so that you can continue to use your existing hand tools if you wish. We will keep you updated with the progress of these needles as soon as we are able to find out any more.

However, to help accomodate the changes until the new flat style needles are available we will be offering a free threaded hand tool to any customer purchasing the new style needles up until the (valid on all orders placed up to and including on the 3rd September 2016)

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