Machine Sterilisation Procedure

Effective Sterilisation of Biotouch Mosaic

Some local authorities have asked us for this document which outlines the 5 step sterilisation procedure for the Biotouch Mosaic Machine. Most of the parts are single use and disposable but the motor housing may also need effective cleaning.
We have outlined the procedure below and have also attached a link to download a copy should you be asked for it by the licencing officer

Effective disinfection of the Biotouch Mosaic Motor & housing

The Biotouch Mosaic Machine is best used with barrier film or other suitable covering the outer sides of the motor housing between just above the front casing and the speed control; special care should be taken not to cover the speed control as this may impede the use of the machine.

After use the barrier film should be removed and disposed of in accordance with your local authority’s instructions, the needle should be disposed of in a suitable sharps waste bin and the other remaining parts such as the front casing, transmission shaft, needle sleeve and needle cap should also be disposed of in a suitable hazardous waste bag.

The remaining motor part of the machine should then be submersed in an ultrasonic bath with a Rapidex solution (made up according to the manufacturer’s instructions) up to the word ‘Biotouch’ on the side of the motor housing, thus ensuring that any part not covered by barrier film is sat in the solution. The motor housing should be allowed to sit in the ultrasonic for 5 minutes (your ultrasonic may need to be put on a couple of cycles if it doesn’t have a 5 minute setting).

The motor housing should then be removed from the ultrasonic cleaner and rinsed under clean water to ensure that any solution or debris has been removed from the bottom of the motor. The motor housing should then be submerged in a suitable disinfectant such as Steris Coverage Plus, Starlab Distel Concentrate (both made according to manufacturer’s instructions), or 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol; the time it should remain submerged will be recommended by the manufacturer)

The motor housing should then be removed from the disinfectant and rinsed under clean water to remove all chemical residues and dried using a single use paper towel. It is important that following this cleaning process that Biotouch transmission oil is applied to the moving parts on the bottom of the motor 

Download this document as a PDF by Clicking HERE