fitzpatrick scale type V scalp

The pigments below would be suitable for your client, assuming that they meet the following criteria.

They are Dark brown complexion; Rarely burns, Tans easily

Please see our pigment guide for a full guide to Biotouch pigments and their uses

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Biotouch Espresso

Darker than Deep Brown for dark skin tones. Add orange to prevent colour from turning too dark.

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Biotouch Chocolate Brown

Use on medium to dark skin-toned clients. Add Light Brown to achieve a softer look. Add Red or Orange to prevent fading to grey or blue.

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Biotouch Pure Mud Pie

A very dark rich colour for medium to dark skin tones. Add Orange to prevent colour from turning too dark. This is a ‘warmer’ dark brown but still has a blue base and may fade to clue on a cool skin tone client

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Biotouch Deep Brown

A deep rich brown. Use with Midnight Black for a dark brown eyeliner. This mixture is good for dark skin tones.

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Biotouch Pure Dark Chocolate

The darkest brown in the
Pure range. A very cool colour. May turn blue on cool skin tone clients

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True Night

A very dark brown microblading pigment that can be used on clients with skin tone 5 or 6.