fitzpatrick scale type iV lips

The pigments below would be suitable for your client, assuming that they meet the following criteria.

They are beige with a brown complexion; Caucasion with a mediterranean background. They tan with ease and rarely burn.

Please see our pigment guide for a full guide to Biotouch pigments and their uses

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Biotouch Berry Rose

Cool, blue based red lip pigment. For Pinky Lip Tones. Similar to Cranberry in the Double Drop Range


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Biotouch Red Wine

Dark Mauve lip colour. Add Orange to prevent from turning too dark.

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Biotouch Mystic Red

An earthy brick colour for medium to dark skin tones. Lighten with Rose Red. Add Orange to neutralize the blue undertone.

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Biotouch Pure Cherry

A dark berry colour, the same as Cranberry in the Double Drop range

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Biotouch Cranberry

A dark berry colour. Add Strawberry to neutralize blue tones.