fitzpatrick scale type iII lips

The pigments below would be suitable for your client, assuming that they meet the following criteria.

They are beige complexion; They gradually tan and sometimes mildly burns

Please see our pigment guide for a full guide to Biotouch pigments and their uses

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Biotouch Pure Apple Red

A lovely soft earthy colour, mix with Rose Red for a fresh look, similar to Blush in the Double Drop range.

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Biotouch Japanese Ruby

Neutral Soft Red, add Dark Red for a darker lip liner; add Hot Pink to highlight pout area. Mix with Skin to soften.

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Biotouch Blush

A soft, earthy red colour. Mix with Rose Red for an even softer colour; darken with Mystic Red, Raisin; lighten with skin or Magic Colour.

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Biotouch Pure Rosewood

An earthy brick colour for medium to dark skin tone . Lighten with Rose Red. Add Orange to neutralize the blue undertones.

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Biotouch Blush Rose

For Medium Lip Tones. Slightly lighter than Blush from the Double Drop Range