fitzpatrick scale type iI scalp

The pigments below would be suitable for your client, assuming that they meet the following criteria.

They are white with a fair complexion; They tan with difficulty and usually Burn

Please see our pigment guide for a full guide to Biotouch pigments and their uses

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Biotouch Pure Medium Ash

A cool brown and will fade out to a Grey tone. It can also be used as a Pink Scalp Restorer.

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Biotouch Pure Coffee

A medium brown for the scalp

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Biotouch Brown

Mostly used on redheaded clients because of the warm, red tone base. If the skin has a lot of yellow tones, this colour will create a warmer brown tone.

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Biotouch True Hazel

Neutral light brown pigment. This colour can be used on its own and does not need to be mixed to avoid colour changes

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Biotouch Mocha

A dark blonde colour good for light to medium skin tones. Use with Olive to create an ash base and neutralize warm tones.

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Biotouch Microblading Foxy Brown

Used for people with red hair and cool skin. For people with warmer skin tones you can add a drop of Royal Olive