Competition Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please note that our standard training terms & conditions apply and can be found HERE

We are offering the chance to win the course you have paid for, for Free including your kit.

To be eligible you must pay your deposit between 1st December and 30th January with your course to be taken from 1st February 2018 onwards.

Winner to be chosen on 31st January by Facebook Live and the video of the draw will available on our time line and the winner will be contacted by Eternal Beauty.

The winner will have their deposit returned in the form of a cheque on the first day of your training.

If you win and decide to change your course then your prize will only be the course you originally booked. If you wish to change your course or take additional training then you will be responsible for paying the difference.

If you wish to take the course at our training centre then the course will be completely free; if however you would like us to train you at your salon or studio then the applicable travelling costs will still be payable. Contact Us for details