blue lip correcrtion

Blue lips occur with Micropigmentation when you use a cool (blue based) pigment on a cool (blue skin tone) client - Most people will have a hint of blue in their lips (which can be seen when they get cold)

The combination of the two blues makes the pigment heal with a dark, or blue tone

To correct this you can add a few drops of the pigments below to the desired end colour for a mild blue tone, or can be used in a more concentrated manner for a stronger blue tone

Please see our pigment guide for a full guide to Biotouch pigments and their uses

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Biotouch Blue Lip Corrector

Used to neutralize blue or brown lip tones. Can be used alone as a lip colour or mixed with another to prevent colour from turning too blue.

Is not strong enough for
correcting very dark lips. Use
Strawberry for very black lip correction.

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Biotouch Pure Chicago Red

Can be used as a standalone lip colour, or as a Blue Lip Restorer

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Biotouch Strawberry

A rich, coral colour, ideal for correcting very dark or blue lips