blue eyeliner correction

Blue eyeliner occur with Micropigmentation when you use a cool (blue based) pigment on a cool (blue skin tone) client - There is a greater risk of the eyeliner turning blue because of the thin skin around the eyes into which the pigment is deposited.

The combination of the two blues makes the pigment heal with a blue tone

To correct this you can add a few drops of the pigments below to the desired end colour for a mild blue tone, or can be used in a more concentrated manner for a stronger blue tone

Please see our pigment guide for a full guide to Biotouch pigments and their uses

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Biotouch Pure Always Black

Pre mixed to avoid turning blue, can also be used to correct eyeliner that has already turned blue

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Biotouch True Black

Another pre-mixed pigment that can be used on its own, mixed with another black, or correct blue eyeliner